Necklace “Fob”


Fob is perhaps a description not understood.  The word dates back to the late 1800’s.  It is a chain which holds an ornament. Originally associated with pocket watches.  Our Fob shows the floral elegance of the past.

Made from a knife handle in a bell shape.  There is a Swarovski crystal representing the bell clanger.

Fob is large, approximately 2″, which looks best on a longer chain.

Chains available 20″, 22″, 24″


Specify Chain Length In Comments!
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About Our Flatware Collection: This is one of my favorite Collections.  We have old flatware from the early and middle 19th century.  The flatware is old, scratched, and tarnished.  We begin cleaning, buffing, polishing, bending and transforming each piece into stunning jewelry. The silverware patterns during this period of our history is beautiful.  We search to find the original flatware and pass this one of a kind treasure on to you.  We are continually adding to this collection.


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